Meet the founder – Dr. Wendy Nickerson

In my experience as a clinical psychologist, I learned the value of traditional approaches to mental health care; yet as an integrative health coach for over 10 years, I know that there is a greater scope and diversity to the techniques and tools available that can deeply impact the wellness of the whole person.

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  • Licensed Psychologist (R0450) Nova Scotia
  • Licensed Psychologist (4277) Arizona
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida (APA accredited)
  • Masters of Clinical and Commucnity Psychology at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Bachelors (Honors) in Psychology at Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Teaching Experience

> Northcentral University – online; Adjunct; Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate Integrated Behavioral Health Psychology Courses
> CalSouthern University – online; Adjunct; Masters and Doctorate Organizational and Integrative Behavioral Health Psychology courses
> Columbia College – online; Adjunct; undergraduate level
> Acadia University – online; Adjunct; undergraduate
> Keiser College – Melbourne Campus, Florida; Adjunct; undergraduate level
> Keiser College – Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida; Adjunct; undergraduate level
> Florida Metropolitan University – Melbourne Campus; Adjunct; undergraduate level
> Columbia College – Patrick Air Force Base, Florida; Adjunct; undergraduate level

Clinical Experience

> Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training, Founder and Proprietor; Psychologist
> American Pain Solutions, Scottsdale, Arizona; Psychologist Consultant
> Colchester East Hants Health Authority, Adult Mental Health Outpatient Services, Truro, Nova Scotia – Psychologist/Program Development
> Atlantic Counseling Associates, Merritt Island, Florida – Assistant Director/Psychologist
> Wuesthoff Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Services – Manager
> University of South Florida Counseling Center for Human Development – Doctoral Internship
> Human Resource Healthcare Corporation Employee Assistance Program, Melbourne, Florida – Therapist
> Community and Psychological Services – Florida Institute of Technology, Student Director/Therapist (Term Position)
> Family Learning Program – Florida Institute of Technology – Clinical Therapist
> Counseling and Psychological Services – Florida Institute of Technology – Clinical Therapist
> Berwick Mental Health Center, Nova Scotia, Canada – Clinical Therapist (Practicum)

Online Graduate Courses Developed (D) or Taught (T)

Applied Health Psychology Project (T)
Behavioral Health Medicine I: Mind – Body (D, T)
Behavioral Health Medicine II: Body – Mind (D, T)
Behavioral Nutrition (T)
Biopsychology of Sleep (T)
Cognition, Emotion and Motivation (T)
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (T)
Conflict in the Workplace (T)
Consulting for Business, Education, & Mental Health (T)
Group Psychology (T)
Health Coaching (D, T)
Health Psychology (D, T)
History of Psychology (T)
Integrative Health Coach Training Program (D, T)
Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment (T)
Life Coaching (D, T)
Mental Health Care Administration (D, T)
Organizational Psychology (T)
Physiological Psychology (T)
Psychological Tests and Measurements (T)
Psychology of Chronic Illness (T)
Psychology of Pain Management (D, T)
Psychology of Trauma (T)
Psychology of Trauma (T)
Psychoneuroimmunology (D, T)
Social Psychology (D, T)
Stress and Coping (T)
Stress and Related Disorders (T)

  • "Dr. Nickerson teaches in such a manner that is easy to follow. She is very patient, informative and motivating. Her caring nature makes you look forward to the next week’s lesson." -- Lisa O’Connell - Healing Journeys Integrative Health Coaching Services
  • "I found the workshop to be very informative and interactive.  Learned key interventions to use in my workplace to promote positivity. -- T.C."
  • "Not only is Dr. Wendy Nickerson an amazing professor, but her experience, knowledge and passion to assist in resolving the mental health crisis has taught me current, effective, evidence-based, non-medical and non-evasive techniques to assist and coach people requiring mental health services with an Integrative Health Coach (IHC)." -- Marlene Whitehead
  • "This program not only helped me prepare for my professional career as an integrative health coach, but the course also helped me in my personal life.  The course uplifted me and enlightened me to become the best that I could be." -- Lana D. Townsend BA, B.Ed. CIHC, Mind Over Matter Health Coaching Services
  • Within only minutes of our first phone conversation, I knew that Dr. Wendy was going to profoundly impact my life, after living in severe pain for almost two years.  She is a compassionate listener who offers realistic hope and wise counsel.  I believe I gained new tools that not only helped me in my immediate situation, but tools that will continue to serve me through the many challenges life will bring in the years to come.
  • "I feel I have been given a gift by being a student with Wendy and I have already put this knowledge to use by assisting family members, and helping clients within my practice. For people wanting to help others or to adventure into new frontiers in quest of something special and to stretch your boundaries, this program is for you!" -- Susan Boiduk RN

Health Coaching For Individuals & Organizations.

Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training is a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve ultimate success through the development of optimal mental and physical health; and mindful-based work environments.  Dr. Wendy Nickerson, president and founder is committed to providing you with the health coach training programs and courses, inspiration, strategies, support, and knowledge that you need to be successful making your greatest dreams and passions become a reality.

Through years of personal experience and a decade of discussing challenging life and work situations with clients in Canada and the United States, Dr. Nickerson understands the detrimental effects of a depleted self-image, fatigue, detachment from self, lack of empowerment, negative work environments, and overwhelming stress. She has developed innovative biopsychosocial-spiritual training programs for achieving personal mastery, a consistent state of feeling good, higher levels of consciousness, and improved productivity for both individuals and corporations.

Dr. Nickerson’s programs and courses are designed to enhance and promote a sense of empowerment, motivation, a core sense of identity and purpose, authenticity, self-image, and emotional and spiritual well-being.  The goal of her seminars and workshops is to provide participants with the insight, skills and higher levels of knowledge necessary to self-actualize, to feel good, and bring their dreams and goals to fruition.

Focus Areas.

Developing healthy lifestyles.

Maintaining emotional balance.

Behavioral nutrition.

Creating mindful work environments.

Stress, depression & anxiety.

Creating a positive mindset.

Spiritual growth.

Chronic pain & illness.