The Alchemy of Healing: Self Care and Stress Management

Course Overview and Content

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?

Stress is being stored in the body. Right now. As we speak. Years, if not lifetimes, of pain and suffering are deeply clenched within our cells. Begging for release and freedom. Anxiety. Depression. Chronic IBS. Autoimmune disease…

The body is crying out.
For you. To listen.
For your attention.
Only you can unlock the language of your own body.
This is crucial now. Not tomorrow, not in a year. Now.
The cries will only get louder.

Body language

Learn to listen to your body. Understand the language. The intuitive wisdom.

Become proactive

Respond proactively to complex and ever-changing health and relationship challenges.

Sustainable results

Achieve sustainable results based on your personal goals.

New habits

Learn how to integrate health habits into your routine.

Authentic living

Live authentically with presence, peace and purpose.

Rediscover yourself

Rediscover that youthful self-love and self-acceptance you once had as a small child.

Get focused

Stay focused and accountable to your health goals.

Enriched family life

Build legacy, luxury and leisure for yourself and your family.

Course Topics

  • Making Friends with Fear: Understanding our nervous system
  • The Mind-Body Connection: Understanding our thoughts and emotions
  • Authentic Self- Esteem: Understanding our worth
  • Good and Bad Boundaries: Understanding our sovereignty and power
  • Expressing Needs and Desires: Understanding our communication methods
  • Relax + Nourish: Understanding Intuitively how to self-care our body and mind

Learn the 7 Steps of Alchemizing Healing

  • Find courage to look at self
  • Identify aspects of self that ARE/ ARE NOT serving health goals
  • Accept that beliefs & emotions are part of the mind-body connection
  • Approve of self
  • Integrate all aspects of self
  • Practices to maintain growth
  • Transform and manifest health in body, mind and relationships

This workshop / online course is for you if you…

  • feel overwhelmed with health information
  • are unable to stick to your goals on your own
  • feel stuck and in pain
  • yo-yo and end up back where you started
  • have tried everything and nothing seems to work
  • feel unheard and misunderstood
  • notice that things appear to be getting worse

What does the course include?

  • full day workshop AND an online 6 week Course
  • workbook
  • personalized coaching and education
  • 1 hour private session with Becky

Instructor Information

Becky is an experienced Health Care Professional, Health & Relationship Coach, OM trainer and Counselling Psychology Graduate Student.

She started her career in the Canadian military as an officer, and then went on to specialize in personalized compounding pharmacy.

Getting to the root cause of disease is her passion, and she is confident that changing negative belief patterns is more effective and sustainable for treating chronic diseases than many medications alone.

She has a natural talent for seeing the root cause of dysfunction in relationship connections. She gently offers techniques and strategies that change belief patterns and reconnect people to their relationships, bodies and inner-power.

She has complimented her training by participating in several coaching programs through OneTaste and is a Certified Integrative Health Coach. She is currently very excited to be continuing her studies through Yorkville University as a Master in Counselling Psychology graduate student.

She is a gifted and skillful listener, motivator, teacher, and coach.

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