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Lunch & Learn – Naples, Florida

April 19, 2018 – 11:30am



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  • "Excellent workshop.  Very informative. -- A.M."
  • "Demonstrates that we don't have to suffer to make a living.  Work can be a fun place to be. -- S.J."
  • "Excellent content.  Truly hit home in many aspects."
  • "Very uplifting and enlightening -- there is hope blossoming!"
  • "Great workshop!  Opened my mind more and was a wonderful session."




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Workshop Topics:




Beyond Wellness Series






“Mind over Body: Your thoughts and emotions dictate the quality of your health

“The Gift of Anxiety and Trauma”

“Treating Depression from a Soul Level Perspective”

“Getting Unstuck and Making Changes in Your Life”






Wellbeing In The Workplace






“Wellbeing in the Workplace: Staying emotionally balanced in a negative work environment”

“Against all Odds – Thriving at work”

“Soul in the Workplace: The power of living from your heart”

“Developing and Maintaining the Art of Inner Peace”












“7 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart”

“What if Everything Was Alright?”

“Your Family Legacy: The Buck Stops with You”

“Getting Unstuck and Making Changes in Your Life”








  • "Wonderful!  Made me aware of how my thoughts about others and situations affect me and other people."
  • "I found the workshop interesting and motivating.  Great learning experience.  Time went quick.  Wanted to stay longer.  -- Linda Gregory, Warden of the Dist. of Digby"
  • "I am going home reminded of my blessings and fortunes that I have in my life.  I am at the wheel of my own journey.  No one else's.  Thank you.
  • "The overview of "generational differences" has deepened my understanding that when I go back to my work I will be able to dance better and more graceful with my colleagues that cover the four generations.  
  • "It was so refreshing to attend this fast paced day and be reminded of the simple things we are all looking for -- love and acceptance and to take the time to stop, breathe, and give thanks. -- L.H.
  • "Both speakers spoke extremely well, worked well together as a team.  Very informative and made course interesting.  Very worth attending. -- B.A."
  • "This workshop helped me look differently at my co-workers and allowed me to recognize the part that I play in my workplace and how I can make it a more positive environment."
  • "Thank you for sharing valuable information that I can take to work and be able to hopefully make positive changes to my work.  Greatly appreciated.  :)"