If it doesn’t feel right, don’t keep doing it.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t keep doing it.

Society has taught us that we need to be strong and plow our way through situations that don’t feel right.  When in actuality there may be a deeper, more evolved reason for it not feeling right.  Maybe it is an unconscious message that we are off course and something much ‘better’ is waiting for us?  However, often we are too fearful to let go of whatever it is that doesn’t feel right (it may be a job, a relationship, a residence, a car), for fear that we will be doing ourselves harm in some way.  What we forget is that fear is an emotion that is embedded in us since childhood and we have since developed neurological pathways in our brains such that the emotion is easily triggered.  The sad part is that the fear feels real.  It feels sensible.  After we feel the emotion, our mind then kicks in and tries to justify it with thoughts such as – ‘well, it is a bad economy and I should stay right where I am whether it feels right or not’, when in actuality the two concepts aren’t even related.  People move in bad economies.

Let’s talk about a job.  A job that doesn’t feel fulfilling.  It just doesn’t feel right.  You might even dread going to it every day.  When fear kicks in we have thoughts like, “I should be grateful I have a job”, or “jobs aren’t supposed to be fun, they are work”…..and on and on.   When in actuality each one of us have been given divine gifts and if we are not using them in our jobs in such a way that we feel a sense of purpose, we may actually be defying God’s grace for giving us the gift in the first place.

Can you believe that if you were given a gift or talent, that you were meant to ENJOY using that talent for the greater good?  That maybe that is the way it is supposed to be?  Does reading this make you feel uncomfortable?  You may be awakening.  This is such a good thing.



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