Individual Health Coach Training

Do you have a strong desire to help others and a natural talent to connect with them on an emotional and spiritual level?  Or are you already in the mental health care field and want more expansive and holistic knowledge and skill? 

If you would like to use your innate talents to help others by using a more formal and professional method; or if you would like to broaden your present scope of mental health expertise then the Certified Integrative Health Coaching program may be for you!

Dr. Wendy Nickerson has developed the 15-week Certified Integrative Health Coaching Program as a way to bridge the gap between traditional mental health services and the quality of care that is actually needed to provide early and easily assessable, non-stigmatized holistic mental health care.

This program is accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (International) offering the designation of Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; and with the Canadian Health Coach Alliance (under the governance of the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition) allowing you to become a Registered Health Coach (RHC).

The Integrative Health Coaching program focuses on training the mind to heal mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. It encompasses interwoven evidence-based aspects of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, neuroscience, health psychology, positive psychology, energy psychology and behavioral nutrition. Healing aspects of spirituality and the power of perception, insight, awareness, thoughts, and words are taught throughout this course.

In addition, you will be provided guidance and support on how to develop your health coaching practice (developing proper forms, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, marketing strategies, etc.) during 4 post-graduate sessions.

BONUS: After graduation monthly support meetings are held for participants to provide continued knowledge, guidance, and community with other graduates.

Training currently in session

Next training session begins – January 8, 2018

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Integrative Health Coaching has been determined as the missing piece in mental health care and the newest tool for sustainable change. It bypasses the mental illness stigma and is the most modern method of providing mind-body-spirit care and education to people in hospitals, organizations, and communities. Hospitals are able to save millions of dollars each year by increasing the number of integrative health coaches that they hire.  This modality addresses the whole person including the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) is the most necessary career position in all forms of health care. Going beyond eating healthy and exercising, IHC involves much more. For example(s), this method enables coaches to address stress that depletes the immune system; decrease symptoms of physical pain and illnesses caused by negative thoughts and emotions; teach mindfulness strategies of relaxation that create positive outcomes before and after surgeries; enhance awareness of energetic and spiritual imbalances; and gain a deeper understanding of food quality and choices that dictate the degree of attainable mental health. By including neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, behavioral nutrition, and energy psychology in this training, students are able to go a step beyond regular health coaches and other mental health care professionals in creating genuine wellness.  This is a reflection of treating all parts of the person.  In addition, IHC helps create a psychoactive space that triggers learning and neurogenesis (new neurons in the brain). IHC helps the client reach higher levels of consciousness, allowing them to develop new neuropathways and synapses in the brain, especially as they relate to interpersonal relationships, leading to improved thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Research has shown that the coach’s ability to hold the emotional state of another, fosters changes in the brain of the client, ultimately creating ‘a-ha’ moments that change the course of life forever.

Integrative Health coaching has been extremely beneficial in the following areas:

Healing Times

decreased after surgery.

Teaching Cognitive Strategies

to decrease depression and anxiety.

Decreasing Symptoms

for chronic disease.

Teaching Coping Skills

to deal with chronic pain.

Providing Support & advocacy

for teens struggling with substance abuse

Spiritual Perspective

to approaching and addressing issues.

Motivational Interviewing

skills to help patients make behavioral, psychological, emotional, and nutritional changes.

Providing Education

on foods that alleviate depression and anxiety.

Stress Management

providing skills for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Where can Integrative Health Coaches work?

Integrative Health Coaches can develop their private practices within their communities or they can work in any health care system or organization. They can provide presentations or talks in their communities or organizations teaching the newest methods of creating mind, body, and spirit wellness based on the latest research findings. Others use their expertise to provide individual health coaching sessions.  Many health care professionals (psychologists, nurses, social workers, etc) benefit from the specialized and integrated knowledge and expertise provided in this program.

More specific workplaces include :

  • Hospitals
  • Health Insurance companies
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Obesity clinics
  • Pain management and treatment centers
  • Pre-surgical care
  • Heart disease centers
  • Holistic/naturopathic wellness centers
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Public speaking and education

Get more information in a FREE informational pre-recorded webinar

Download and watch the following video (48 minutes):

The most inclusive, modern, and integrative health coach training program

professional-pic-1-cropped-close-upI have developed and personally teach the 15-week Integrative Health Coach Training Program via live virtual internet sessions, the phone, email system, an educational online platform, and discussion boards.

In each weekly live virtual meeting session, I will discuss and explain each week’s topics and assignments that will enhance your knowledge base and skill. This program is designed for you to take this training from the convenience of your own home and on your personal time schedule, however the live weekly meetings will be held at the same time each week. You will need to commit to approximately 8-10 hours of weekly study and activity time, including our 90-minute weekly live virtual meeting.

This uniquely designed Health Coach Training Program differs from others as it focuses on psychological, emotional and spiritual wellness in addition to nutrition and exercise. It provides innovative training on holistic mental health techniques. Ultimately, when we are feeling good psychologically, our bodies are less prone to illness and heal much faster if an illness has already occurred. After receiving the training, you will be in a position to safely and confidently coach and mentor others to psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical health in the community, organization or hospital through the use of the most recent evidence-based coping skills and strategies.  Keep in mind that unless you are already trained as a therapist, you will NOT be providing therapy. You can find out more about my style of health coaching by clicking here.

Download and watch the following pre-recorded webinar (48 minutes) for more information:









Topics and Skills

Some of the weekly topics in my program include:




  • Coaching guidelines and ethics.
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Developing listening and intuition skills.
  • Motivational interviewing.
  • Comprehensive assessment for suicide.
  • Developing advocacy skills.
  • Understanding trauma based illnesses.
  • Mindfulness-based relaxation strategies
  • Coping skills for the elderly.
  • Cognitive-behavioral strategies for depression.
  • Rational-emotive techniques used to decrease anxiety.
  • Strategies for helping teens struggling with substance abuse issues.
  • Understanding how stress and trauma leads to mental, emotional and physical disorders.
  • Natural coping skills for depression and anxiety.
  • Strategies for dealing with grief and loss.  Providing aid in a peaceful death.
  • Specific foods and nutrients that are detrimental to brain functioning (depression, anxiety, ADHD and Alzheimer’s Disease).
  • The energy and power of forgiveness.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program is $3299.00  USD.

Qualifications for Becoming an Integrative Health Coach

The qualifications that are required to register and complete the Integrative Health Coaching Training Program include:

  • A passion and interest in ultimate mind, body, spirit wellness.
  • A genuine strong desire to help others achieve optimal health and lead happy lives.
  • A personality that leads to developing rapport and positive relationships with others.
  • An ability to commit to ten hours per week for 15 weeks in study and training.
  • All education levels are appropriate; however, a university degree is preferred. Post secondary education will be considered.

Registration steps:

1.  Download and watch the following informational pre-recorded webinar (48 minutes) that covers the details of the program :

2. Download and complete the Initial Interest Application form (click here to download form) and email to

3.  After review of your Initial Interest Application form, a phone call or virtual meeting will be scheduled with you to determine whether the program fits your needs.

4.  Complete the Consent and Guidelines form (click here to download form).

5.  Make payment.  Payments are to be paid in full before the program start date in order to secure your seat and enrollment.


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