Politics in Pharmaceutical Companies

Politics in Pharmaceutical Companies

Rather than write a long story of my insights and increasing awareness of the pressure put on North Americans to use pharmaceutical products for anything that ails them, I will merely include this dialogue I had today (with a few afterthoughts).  This explains what I am trying to get across better than I could say it otherwise.

So, I go into the pharmacy today to pick up my estrogen compound cream.
Lady – This is not covered under your insurance.  It will be $51.00.
Me – Why isn’t it covered under my insurance?  I pay a lot each month for my insurance.
Lady – I will contact your insurance company and find out.  Minutes later….she comes back and says, They will only cover you if you use Premarin.
Me – But Premarin has repeatedly been shown to cause breast cancer.
Lady – Yes, I know.  But then they get to sell  you more pharmaceuticals to treat the breast cancer.
Me – This is crazy.
Lady – It’s not crazy to the pharmaceutical companies who work hand in hand with the insurance companies.

Afterthoughts –

This  helps to explain why we are 51st in the world in standards of health and healthcare.  🙁  It is a multi-billion dollar industry.  God only knows what ailments the pharmaceutical treatment for breast cancer causes, only to keep you in the loop even further.  It amazes me that we allow this stuff to continue.

This goes for mental illnesses also, as antidepressants have serious side effects – mostly related to obesity and weight gain which often lead to diabetes.

This also applies to chronic pain – as we know that the opioids if taken for a longer period of time actually cause more pain than the injury itself, not to mention that morphine shuts down the vital organs of the body.  Ultimately, the bowels no longer work and all ingestion sits in the body causing massive infection and unbearable pain.

So, what do we do about all this?  How can we make a difference?

Dr. Wendy Nickerson

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  1. Janice Buck 6 years ago

    We use DoTerra essential oils. We have a choice. I for one would rather take something natural that has been proven to work, than be at a fat cats mercy and suffer the side effects.
    Oh, I miss you by the way

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