Remembering the Hope

Remembering the Hope

So many people are feeling the effects of the ‘shift’ in the Earth’s atmosphere and the vibrational frequencies in their environments.  The more sensitive people are feeling it the most.  It seems that many of these people are feeling the mental and physical effects of these vibrational changes that are altering global consciousness.  Many are experiencing symptoms of great fatigue for no apparent reason, unusual aches and pains, mental fogginess, memory loss, depression, and anxiety.  Two things are majorly important during this time.

1.  To take impeccable care of your mind, body, and spirit.  Now is the time to be sure and take your vitamins, stay hydrated, take time to meditate, stretch, and exercise, get out in nature and have sunshine on your body, and take time to stay in touch with the divine, in whatever form that is authentic to you.

2.  To maintain an attitude of HOPE – when we don’t feel well, it is easy to lose hope and forget what life felt like to be vibrant, anticipatory, and full of hope and vigor.  Think of all the times that the divine placed ‘magical coincidences’ in your life.  This will remind you that you are divinely guided even though you may feel lost at the moment.  And that you will be given reasons to feel hope, love, and anticipation in the future.  A reminder that you are not alone; that the divine is with you whether you are aware of it or not.  The magic has not stopped, but rather is  raising to a higher vibration so that when you enter this new vibration your experiences of life, love and anticipation will be magnified even more.  TAKE A MOMENT AND ACTUALLY WRITE DOWN FIVE TIMES IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU WERE GIVEN ‘MAGICAL COINCIDENCES’ IN YOUR LIFE THAT PROVIDED YOU WITH EVERLASTING DIRECTION AND HOPE.  Here’s a few of mine….

– when I moved to the United States with $250, no job, no place to live, no credit, and no car.  After being turned down for a credit card or a line of credit by 12 banks, on the 13th try the loan manager finagled some figures and worked with me to get a credit card.  This allowed me to buy a cheap car, go get groceries….but more importantly it told me that I was not alone and that I was on track with my mission of getting my doctorate at the Florida Institute of Technology.  I remember walking out of the bank and standing on the front steps sobbing…such relief!

– there was a period of time after receiving my doctorate that I had no employment and experienced homelessness.  Ironically, people around me needed pet/house sitters and I received shelter for over a year in this way as I built a practice.  At the time, (and even now) it felt like the grace of God acting in my life.  Each time I was amazed at how one house sitting situation came up after another.  It made me realize that shelter and security comes in many forms.

– after the end of a painful breakup, a cat walked up to my door and was in need of care.  I didn’t realize it at the time but this precious animal (Boogsie, who is now about 18 years old) not only provide intense comfort at the time, but he traveled with me back and forth to Canada so that I could make the necessary trips to visit my children.  An absolutely divinely orchestrated gift.  On one trip back from Nova Scotia, we hit a very bad snow storm in North Caroline and was stranded in the car overnight by the side of the highway.  It was freezing cold and he laid on my abdomen all night purring and providing warmth until the morning.

Remembering these situations in my life provides me with HOPE that all is in divine order and that all of us are divinely taken care of, especially through challenging times like the 2012-2013 shift.  When we remember these times, we are reminded that ALL IS WELL.




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