You Can Choose Happiness

You Can Choose Happiness

So often we think happiness happens outside of ourselves.  We are happy if someone loves us, if we get the promotion, or the new car that we want, or get to go on the trip of our dreams, however none of this brings happiness unless we are happy before any of this transpires.  In romance, we cannot be happy until we are happy with ourselves, respect ourselves, and like and love ourselves.  It is an illusion to think that someone else can make us happy.

Happiness is an inside job and sometimes requires time and effort.  Mostly effort related to changing our thought patterns and automatic neuropathways in our brains.  But it can be done.  And boy, what a reward at the end!  We have to believe that the impossible is actually possible.

Sometimes getting happy involves letting go of anger.  Here’s a short audio clip from my book, Wild Women Never Get the Blues that offers ways to get rid of anger.

Additional audio links can be found on my website –

In addition, here’s another link to 22 Ways to Be Happy.  How many of these can you relate or aspire to?

You are truly a magnificent human being with the presence of the Divine inside of you.  You DESERVE to be happy.  For the sake of yourself and the sake of your family.  🙂

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